Saturday, October 16, 2010


So i figured it would be a swell idea if I reviewed blogs and summarized its content. Here are some cool blogs that are worth checking out! cutest of the cute! some of the sickest mixes of all time! music that you've never heard! motivational posters and whatnot follow the life on this troubled teen how to get wealthy and stay healthy a catalogue of insightful thoughts. this guys point of view a vegetarians perspective, awesome blog. random info and such some very funny stuff on this blog! get your daily movie quotes here! everything is on this blog, check it out! very good blog, i highly recommend it. thedude abides, as do I. the best stuff on the interwebs, all in one place. quotes and such, check it out strangetimes, very well done blog. some fascinating articles ont his blog, give it a look daily stencils and such, very good blog


  1. May I give you a tip? It would be incredibly handy if you were to categorize the blogs, for example 'game blogs', 'life & health blogs', 'music blogs', etc.

  2. there once was a man named.. well(it doesnt matter what his name was)... he was on a quest to find the perfect blog... thankyou !4Unetwork! i have found it... you are simply the best <3


  3. Keep up the good work! This is a great way to share blogs!

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  6. Thanks for the list, I'm checking all these out tonite

  7. I love it. I found some new blogs to follow.

  8. Sweet blog list. I'll definitely check them out!

  9. cheers for the list :D although i think mine should def be in there :P

  10. you left out Informative Tech Blog

  11. good list, where is my blog, it's awesome

  12. agree with Sebastian here m8. categorize these a bit would help greatly :>

    wouldnt mind being added myself please.

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  14. Looks good, thanks for taking the time to compile these lists with a little description.

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